Work with a REALTOR®


REALTORS® are a group of real estate professionals committed to the highest standards of public service and representation. In addition to maintaining an Oregon Real Estate license, all Town & Country Realty Brokers are required to be a REALTOR®. By doing so, we must adhere to additional scrutiny and ethical guidelines set by the National Association of REALTORS®. We stay current on issues such as affordable housing and political activities that affect our clients. All REALTORS® must complete continuing education requirements.

Our REALTORS® must make this pledge before their peers at the Willamette Association of REALTORS®:

  • To strive to be honorable and to abide by the Golden Rule;
  • To strive to serve well my community, and through it, my country;
  • To abide by the REALTORS'® Code of Ethics and to strive to conform my conduct to its aspirational ideals;
  • To act honestly in all real estate dealings;
  • To protect the individual right of real estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it;
  • To seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence.

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